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Located in Waco, Texas, One Source Cooling LLC is a web marketing and sales organization that focuses on the sales of industrial temperature control equipment and ventilation equipment at a budget friendly price.  One Source Cooling was created to provide an online destination for people in need of portable or permanent cooling or heating related products.  We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and unique products at a budget friendly price without the hassles of an aggressive sales person.  Shopping at is quick and convenient. 
We understand that the success of our organizations depends on the satisfaction of our customers, and that’s why we treat each and every customer as if they were our only customer. is striving to be your 1st choice when it comes to purchasing cooling related equipment. offers the following products:
Industrial Cooling Supplies – Air Conditioners – Air Doors – Air Curtains – Flex Duct -Industrial Fans – Ceiling Fans – Big Fans – Circulation Fans – Evaporative Coolers – Exhaust Fans – Heaters – HVLS Fans – Misters & Misting Systems – Misting Fans – Ventilation Fns – Box Fans – Supply fans – Tube axial Fans – Duct Fans – Blowers – Indirect Heaters – Direct Fired Heaters – Infrared Heaters – Quartz Heaters – Warehouse Exhaust – Cooling Fans – Green House Misters – Spot Coolers – Spot Cooling – Spot Heaters – Outdoor Misting Systems – Fan Forced Air Heaters – Electric Heaters – DX Systems – Chillers –Air Handlers –Water Cooled Chillers – Boilers – Explosion Proof Air Conditioners – Small Water Cooled Chillers – Negative Air Machines – Portable Air Conditioners – Computer Room Air Conditioners

Our team at One Source Cooling has experts who can provide a solution to meet your needs should you have any questions!

Contact Info:
We look forward to the opportunity of showing you how we can benefit your organization.
For more information please contact us at:

Toll Free: 888-244-5898
Fax:  469-574-7926
To contact us, visit our Contact Us page. 
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