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50 Ton

Each 50 Ton air cooled chiller is mounted in a steel superstructure and each unit is stackable with forklift slots. These units are widely used to provide supplemental cooling for applications such as at refineries, power stations, or in commercial buildings. These units are ideal for a wide range of temperature control solutions, industrial process cooling, motor cooling, or in entertainment venues. Air handlers can be used as stand alone units for moving air or in conjunction with air or water cooled chillers. **Optional Trailers are also available.
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50 Ton
50 Ton
Product Details
Electrical Requirements:
Disconnect Amps:
Power Cable:
Static Pressure:
Delta T:


8´ L x 6´ 2" x 4´ 5" H
2,160 Lbs.
480 Volt 12 Fla, 60 Hz
30 Amps
10/4 Cable
6,500 CFM
45° F
2 X 20"
4" water conn.

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