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75 Ton

Each 75 Ton air conditioner is skid mounted in a steel superstructure, epoxy painted and the condenser coils are protected with a diamond mesh screen. These units are widely used to provide supplemental or emergency cooling for applications such as at refineries, power stations or commercial buildings. These units are ideal for a wide range of temperature control solutions such as industrial process cooling or in conjunction with air handlers which can be utilized in air conditioning applications. ** Class I, Div II, Group C & D explosion proof equipment also available.
75 Ton
75 Ton
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18´ 5" L x 7´ x 8´ 3" H
10,500 Lbs.
480/165 Fla, 60 Hz
200 Amps
100´ Power Cable
12,000 CFM
45° F
3 x 20" Outlets
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