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AT2K Bulldog

SKU: AT2K Bulldog
The advanced technology, design and superior quality of the new Bulldog 2K negative air machine clearly makes it “best-of-breed” in asbestos abatement equipment today. This ultra-lightweight neg air unit, with heavy-duty performance, will surely become your best friend on every job. Innovative features that make the Bulldog 2K the most positive development ever in negative air technology include:
Price: $1,599.00
AT2K Bulldog
AT2K Bulldog
Product Details
  • Powerful “Bite” - The Bulldog 2K blows the doors off other units, with independently certified airflow over 2,000 cfm
  • Ultra-Tough Hide - Bulldog’s rotational molded TefgardTM polyethylene cabinet is rugged and rigid–built to take whatever the job dishes out and more, without a whimper
  • Light on Its Feet - At only 121 pounds, including filters, the Bulldog 2K is 24 lbs. lighter than any other full-size negative air machine
  • Safer & Easier to Move & Store - With less weight, the Bulldog 2K is easier to lift and load and costs less to ship. When stacked, multiple units nest securely together
  • Long and Healthy Lifespan - The Bulldog 2K is bred to remain healthy, faithful and reliable for many, many years, guarding your reputation and profits
  • People Safe - The Bulldog 2K is the ONLY rotational-molded negative air machine ETL certified to meet UL, OSHA and CSA electrical safety standards
  • Keeps Its Cool - The Bulldog is the ONLY rotational-molded negative air machine tested and certified to meet UL94 flammability standards
  • Great Looking Body - The Bulldog 2K has a body and shape that turns heads, and shows-off its superior pedigree


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